The Ten Oxherding Pictures

The Ten Oxherding Pictures

Commentary by Daiho Roshi 

Verses Composed by Kakuan Zenji

Anu, a friend from Africa, recently asked us to discuss the Ten Ox-Herding Pictures on our Zen Living Yahoo Group. I am now including that material here.

Anu writes: It appears that all that is known about the author of the verses to the ten ox-herding pictures, Master Kakuan Shion, is that he was a disciple of Daizui Genjo [1065-1135] and the twelfth in the line of Master Rinzai. His dates of birth and death as well as other information are unclear.

The illustrations were painted by Master Jikihara and appear courtesy of the Art Archives of Zen Mountain Monastery.

The Ten Oxherding Pictures with Commentary by Daiho Roshi