Order of clear mind zen

The Order of Clear Mind Zen is a socially engaged Sangha. We follow the path of the Bodhisattva warrior. Clear Mind Zen is Engaged Zen.

Our Order began in 2005 after Daiho Roshi left the Zen Center of Las Cruces he had re-established in order to pursue a more socially engaged Zen practice. Daiho practiced street Zen, began attracting students in other parts of the United States, and finally recognized the need to become “official.” The Order was officially founded and granted non-profit corporate status in June of 2010.

Our understanding suggests true Zen practice is not nationally or ethnically based. Zen is Zen. It is the complete Buddha Way. We hold that Clear Mind Zen is the Zen of everyday life, which is manifest in a deep commitment to the Three Pure Precepts. We practice street Zen, a socially engaged practice of bearing witness to war, poverty, and ecological issues.

We are affiliated with Zen Peacemakers International and with the Buddhist Peace Fellowship. We have affiliated centers in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Las Cruces, New Mexico, and El Paso, Texas.

When we live with Clear Mind we do what is front of us to do, nothing added - nothing special. Please consider joining us and establishing your own Clear Mind practice.